Book Chapters and Articles, Select

Foreword in “Off the Streets: Legalizing Drugs“, W.A. Bogart, Dundurn Press, 2016.

Marian Botsford Fraser, with Sukanya Pillay and Kent Roach, “Acting for Freedom: Fifty Years of Civil Liberties in Canada“, Second Story Press, 2014, foreword by Joseph Boyden.

Sukanya Pillay, Symposium: The Social Cost of National Security: Introduction [Comments], Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 92, Issue 1, pp. 1-4, (2013)

Sukanya Pillay and Myra J. Tawfik, Internet Law, a commissioned title for the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (Toronto: Westlaw Carswell, 2008) (200 pages)

Video for Change: A Guide for Activism and Advocacy, WITNESS, Pluto Press 2006 – contributed two chapters: Video as Evidence; Video Production

“Marking 50 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, Insight Magazine, (1998)

“Canada’s New Foreign Investment Laws”, Canadian International Lawyer, 1 Cdn. Int’l Lawyer, (1995)