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2017-05-06 -?Law Union of Ontario Annual Conference 2017

2017-05-05 -?Privacy experts raise issues over possibility of cameras in Uniacke Square | Toronto Metro

2017-05 – Safeguarding Canada?s National Security While Protecting Canadians? Privacy Rights: Review of the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act (SCISA) | Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics

2017-02-13 -?Are U.S. Agents Carrying Out Trump?s Muslim Ban at Airports in Canada and Ireland? We Aim to Find Out. | American Civil Liberties Union

2017-02-08 -?Looking for fentanyl: Should the government be able to open your letters? | CBC News

2017-02-07 -?Vice Canada?s ongoing legal case is about bigger issues in Canadian journalism – JSource

2017-02-02 -?Canada must counter Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ |

2017 -01-31 -?Calls for Canada to act in light of U.S. travel ban | Radio Canada International

2017-01-30 -?Canadian lawyers have important role following Trump immigration order | Canadian Lawyer Mag

2017-01-29 -?Canada to offer temporary residency to travelers stranded by U.S


2016-12-16 -?Canada looks at possible changes to how it shares data among federal agencies, foreign partners |

2016-12-13 -?Transcript: Privacy and Policing in a Digital World | TVO

2016-11-25 -?Canadian investigated in Germany for suspected hate speech – Toronto |

2016-11-16 – Bill C-22 Comments

2016-11-03 -?Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics |

2016-08-13 -?Why the community wasn’t warned about Aaron Driver | CBC News

2016-04-02 -?Bill C-51 anti-terror arrests without a crime concern legal experts | CBC News

2016-03-14 -??Threat? to Rogers statue from Jays fan summons police to Kitchener |

2016-01-27 -?Finding an N.W.T. lawyer to sue territorial government not easy due to ‘conflicts’ | CBC News

2016-01-18 -?Are You Legally Required To Give Border Agents Your Cellphone Password? | Press For Truth

2016-01-14 -?Police sweeps of cellphone records violate privacy rights, judge rules | CBC News


2015-10-08 -?False Security: Toronto book launch and panel discussion | Irwin Law

2015-08-30 -?Fahmy Case Support | Reading Children’s Books

2015-08-05 -?Constitutional Challenges May Save Calgarians from New Law | David G. Chow, Criminal Defence Law Blog

2015-07-22 -?Legal challenge launched against Canada?s ?terrorism? law | Radio Canada International

2015-07-09 -?Welcome to Canada but don’t get too comfortable | Aljazeera

2015-07-06 -?UN human rights panel hears aboriginal plight is among Canada’s top issues | CBC News

2015-07 -?Bill C-51 challenged in court | National Magazine

2015-06-12 -?Hate speech laws in Canada: Top quotes from the #HateDebate | Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

2015-06-11 -?Criminalizing Hate: The Limits of Speech in Canada – Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)

2015-06-04 -?Ottawa expands biometrics screening for travellers to Canada |

2015-06-02 -?Police body cameras capture weapons but also beer cans | CBC News

2015-05-29 – Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology | Minutes of Proceedings

2015-05-28 -?Toronto police’s new background check restrictions put twist in court case | Toronto Metro

2015-04-20 -?Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence

2015-04-17 -?Scrap Bill C51 | Unifor

2015-03-13 – 21st Annual Canadian International Law Students’ Conference | CLAIHR

2015-03-09 -?After the Paris Attacks: Responses in Canada, Europe and around the Globe | Monk School of Global Affairs

2015-03-06 – Cellphone search at border raises questions | The Belleville Intelligencer

2015-02-25 -?Toronto students win challenge over prom dance breathalyzer | Windsor Star

2015-02-06 -?Quotes from across Canada about Supreme Court ruling on doctor-assisted death | Times Colonist

2015-02-04 -?Bill C-51 bars CSIS from committing ‘bodily harm,’ sexual violation | CBC News

2015-01-30 -?Canada’s new anti-terror legislation prompts civil liberties fears | The Guardian

2015-01-26 – Lawyers watching as police consider powers in light of R. v Fearon | Law Times


2014-12-08 -?Committee Documents: Standing Committee on General Government

2014-11-16 -?Senior Toronto officer to face hearing over G20 ‘kettling’ |

2014-06-19 – Second reading of Bill S-222, An Act to amend the Canada Border Services Agency Act (Inspector General of the Canada Border Services Agency) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

2014-05-21 -?Civil liberties group seeks to have parts of online surveillance law struck down | The Hamilton Spectator

2014-05-21 -?Canadian civil liberties group launches court challenge on warrantless access | Toronto Star

2014-05-07 -?The Walrus Talks Human Rights

2014-05-08 -?How Technology is Changing the Law of the Workplace: New Platforms, New Applications, New Problems |?International Labor & Employment Law Committee Midyear Meeting

2014-04-07 -?Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence |

2014-03-26 -?Privacy commissioner probes case of police disclosing nonconviction records |

2014-03-05 -?Sukanya Pillay LLM ’94 to head Canadian Civil Liberties Association | NYU School of Law

2014-02-20 -?A Canadian with no country ? Briarpatch Magazine

2014-02-01 -?‘It’s creepy’: Location based marketing is following you, whether you like it or not | Financial Post


2013-12-05 -?CCLA to Bob Ward: ?The Charter grants employees the right to bargain collectively?

2013-11-04 -?‘Security certificates’ ruling ignites debate | Aljazeera

2013-10-28 -?LEAF at Windsor Law Proudly Presents the 2013 Persons Day Luncheon, October 28, 2013

2013-08-28 -?Fact Sheet: U.S.-style right-to-work laws | CUPE

2013-04-25 -??We?ve just stripped away essential safeguards?: Civil libertarians decry new ?anti-terror? law | David P. Ball

2013-02-26 -?US budget crisis, legal questions delay Beyond the Border implementation | The Council of Canadians

2013-01-27 -?Supreme Court of Canada – SCC Case Information – Docket – 34470


2012-08-30 -?Press Conference – with CCLA and Sack Goldblatt Mitchell

2012-03-23 – Torture is no answer | Windsor Star


2011-12-10 -?MASALA Canada with Wojtek Gwiazda |?Conversations with Chantal Bernier, Sukanya Pillay, Peter St. John and Mita Naidu

2011-11-07 -?In the shadow of 9/11

2011-02-16 -?Civil rights group raises concerns with disclosure of passenger flight information |

2011-02-15 -?The assassin among us | Maclean’s


2010-11-29 -?Don?t touch my junk | Maclean’s

2010-11-25 -?Gavrila v. Canada (Justice), 2010 SCC 57, [2010] 3 S.C.R. 342

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